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52                                      JXOBA  INDICA.
carefully borne in mind by those using the systematic portion
of the work, the great merit of which resides not only in the
information it contains on the subjects mentioned above, but
also in the laborious accumulation of valuable and curious
matter relative to the medicinal, economical, and other vege-
table products of India, and to their history aud literature.
The volume of Messrs. -Otmibessedes and Decaisne, on some
of the plants of Jacquemont's voyage, is (with the exception
of Mr. Griffith's papers, to be mentioned in connection with
his distributed herbarium,) the only remaining one oi any
importance relating to Indian plants generally, that has been
published since the Prodromus of Wight and Arnott. This,
a quarto work, with 180 beautifully executed plates of* Indian
plants collected by M. Jacqucmont, was publish*- -at Paris in
1844. The authors, not having access cither to the Wai-
lichian or Eoylean herbarium, have published as new, many
plants well known in this country, but the descriptions and
plates are of great value and botanical merit.
The catalogue of Bombay plants by Mr. Graham, published
in 1830, has unfortunately been of little use to us, the ab-
sence of descriptions rendering it impossible to identify in a
satisfactory manner the species referred to. In a thoroughly
explored country, the plaints of which are accurately deter-
mined, such catalogues are of great value; but where the
flora is only partially known, and imperfectly described, they
are not to be depended on. In the present instance, internal
evidence occasionally enables us to recognize with certainty
the plant named; but more frequently it shows that the iden-
tification isi erroneous, without affording that clue which a de-
scription would have given, for the rectification of the error-
This is the more to be regretted, as Mr. Graham was/ we
believe, a botanist of great promise/ quite able to have deter-
mined with accuracy the plants of the regions he explored*
The work contains a few descriptions, chiefly from the peft of
Mr. Niramo, upon whom the superintendence of the work de-
volved, on the sudden death of its author during it* printing.